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About Us

About Us

What is Namaste Zone?

A registered YOGA School & center owned by Farah Qudsi.
Our main goal is helping people through their journeys to find a healthier lifestyle choices, and committing to a personal goals in order to create better habits.
After her personal experience she believes that YOGA is the main road for positive change in our lives.
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Farah Qudsi
Namaste Zone founder
Raneen Al-Nawaiseh
Namaste zone co-founder
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Farah started her yoga school "Namaste Zone" in 2015 and her journey of teaching and studying is ongoing as she travels frequently to India where she accumulated more than 1,000 hours of yoga asana studies, meditation, philosophy, breathing, kriyas and kundalini.

Farah teaches both 200 and 300 hours YTTC at her yoga school. In her practice and teaching she focuses on delivering a full integrated yoga practice that caters to all yoga practitioners and enthusiasts teaching asanas to kriyas, breathing and meditation.

It would be underestimated to say that yoga has changed my life. All the freedom and self-love that I had been searching for was found within continuously practicing and it was then that I decided to proceed and take the Yoga Teacher Training Course with my all time favorite teacher Farah Qudsi at Namaste Zone Yoga School

By that time (2017) I was the youngest yoga teacher in the Middle East! (17 years old) which made me more excited to keep on learning and share the magic of yoga with the world.

I enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to a long-term health and fitness goals. The emphasis for me as a teacher is to provide a safe and effective practice and a chance to experience a feeling of achievement by overcoming the mental and physical limits of the students!

I will always be grateful for the guidance and support that @farah_qudsi gave me throughout my journey. I can never stop learning from her; she opened the doors for me to be a partner at Namaste Zone Yoga School after teaching there for 4 years!

Haya is an energetic Civil engineer, filled with boundless enthusiasm & optimism.

She is an E-RYT 200 & 500 RYT Hours Registered Yoga Teacher.

According to her busy life & work she started searching for peace, calmness & stillness. She started her yoga practice in 2019 and from that time she found her passion.

She took the 200 hours Teacher Training Course in 2020 at NamasteZone.

Haya believes that there are no limits in life, she expanded her knowledge about yoga and took 300 hours Teacher Training Course in 2022 at NamasteZone.

Yoga for her is more than poses, Yoga teaches her how to be more present, balanced, and has helped her to be more mindful & aware on and off the mat.

She always build a strong foundation and base not only in her life & work also in Yoga.

Nisrin yasien

My name is Nisrin, I am a yoga teacher and an architect- interior designer.
My first yoga class was back in 2015, I struggled almost during the whole class, but it was a huge motivation for me to continue and attend more classes!

My practice started for the sake of physical benefits (Asanas) to improve my posture as I was spending most of my day in office work, fast forward I saw and felt how it changed me mentally, it helped me dealing with work pressure and stress, it became more than a practice, it became a way of living.

In 2020 i took the first step towards this journey and signed up for the 200 Hours Teacher Training at Namaste Zone and started to share the magic of yoga with people around me.
The Journey didn’t stop here, I decided to explore a different type of yoga, and it and took another course 50 hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training which I currently teach at Namaste Zone.

Forever grateful for this beautiful journey

kwanda tsey

The year 2018 was different.I started attending yoga classes and knew zero information about itIn the beginning, I took it as a physical workout but enjoyed nothing! But I promised myself to be consistent and continue I ended up practicing yoga for 3 years, discovering that yoga is beyond physical activity, its a brain and soul workout, it's needed for life in all aspects In 2021 I wanted to deepen my knowledge of yoga so I took 200 hours of TTC with my special teacher Farah Qudsi at Namaste Zone And I never had a clue that one day I could be a teacher but this course widened my understandingThen I took 300 hours followed by 60 hours of yin yoga, 20 hours of hand balance I am a registered dietitian and certified health coach, I have a passion for wellness and fitness So I combined both and I will always be grateful for what I did I'm a yoga student for a lifetime

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